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Sleepers, Awaken!
Mixed Fiber Artwork by Rebecca Quigley
March 7 - April 2, 2

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"Incorporating Fragments"

a poem by Rebecca Quigley


Fragments, bits, slivers, or edges,

Of memory, echoes, and glimpses.

I’ve seen, imagined, or remembered,

New construct- assembled, incorporated.

In my dream.

Artist Statement and Biography


Born into an artistic family, I grew up in a mid-modern home filled with Finn Juhl furniture, paintings and prints, Scandinavian glass, and textiles. My father was a picture framer and worked at the Ringling Museum for a while, before he moved to England, where he got his Fine Arts Degree at the Ruskin School of Drawing, at Oxford. I lived in Sarasota and Nantucket before I went to boarding school in the UK, I lived there until 1978, when I got my BA (hons) in Woven and Printed Textiles. Returning to the USA, I lived in Nantucket, Albuquerque (where I got my Master’s in Architecture), Boston’s South Shore and then returned to Sarasota. Now retired, I began my textile practice in 2018 and am I am enjoying it greatly.


My journey as an artist has always been with non-traditional materials, and with combinations of traditional methods in non-traditional ways. Trained as a weaver in the 1970s, the family of materials I now work with are all related to the materials used in weaving, be it wool, silk, cotton, or linen- stitched, embellished and combined, even paper made from fibers from plants growing in my garden and hanji (Korean mulberry paper) which can be felted in layers, stitched, shaped, and treated like a textile. Most recently I have started exploring the cloth like properties of momigami, a Japanese paper technique.

Combining these materials has provided me with a vocabulary for my artistic expression. A palette, if you will, to use to express my view of my surroundings, of nature, the city, my secret thoughts, and my memories.

Instagram #rebeccalevinequigley

The exhibition opened on March 7, 2023 and runs for the month of March. A reception will be held during Second Saturday Art Walk on March 11th, 5-9 pm.

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