Soul So Happy

Paintings and Drawings by N'jeri Binta
N'jeri Binta Bio Photo.jpeg

My name is N'jeri Binta.


I am an artist of many disciplines. I was born and raised in Queens, New York. My style brings with it a certain nostalgia of one of the soul happiest times of my life... When everything in life was just dandy... Hopscotch, Double-Dutch, and penny candy...When everything was "the bigger, "the better," the haircuts were never level, and the lipstick was redder.


I have always loved creating beautiful things that make me remember and appreciate the beauty that created everything. I've been pursuing my artistic goals for several years now.


My art can be described most accurately as expressions of the soul. My work comes from a place within me, a part of me that I'm still getting to know.  I allow my energy to flow freely, like water, into my paintings and drawings.


My art style expresses happiness, joy, freedom, peace, and love within me, and I hope it comes out in my work. It is my mission to be a light in the darkness. I find what comes out of me to be beautiful.


Sometimes I have a hard time explaining what comes out myself. I am much more interested in seeing what others see, as it helps me to understand myself better, helps others to understand themselves, and our journey here in the world together.


Thank you for coming out to lay your eyes on my work!


Be! Soul So Happy!