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Plastic Undone
Jewelry Art by Carole Shelton
April 2 - 28, 2024


Artist Statement:


Plastic UnDone

How long can you go without an encounter with something made of plastic?

Plastic is everywhere. It can't be avoided. It can't be destroyed easily. It is killing animals, sickening people, and polluting water, air, and soil. Basically, it is destroying the planet (maybe other planets too).


As a jewelry artist and metal smith, I work with silver, copper, and brass, but also with found objects, as well as repurposed and recycled materials. I have begun to use recycled plastic more often in my designs. Many of the same metal working tools and techniques can be used for plastic too.


I want to start a conversation about the problem of plastic by elevating the material to something that is art-worthy, valuable and interesting. I hope to someday find that plastic is so scarce that my jewelry will have to be made from something else.


Carole Shelton

A reception will be held April 13th from 5 - 9 pm during Second Saturday ArtWalk. The exhibition runs for the month of April.

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