"Art is an expression of the being and the experience of the soul." 
December 28, 2021 - January 30, 2022
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My name is Wasíl and I reside in St. Petersburg, Florida.

I completed a Master of Fine Arts degree (MFA), in studio art, in the “Arts and Consciousness” program at John F. Kennedy University, Berkley, CA.


The artwork I do is a synthesis of painting, installation, and sculpture. 

Upcycling is important to me and I use repurposed building materials as wall as fine art materials. 

My hope is to present an intent of spirituality leaning in a Shamanic /Tribal direction.

Tantalizing that wild part of ourselves and perhaps quenching some soul hunger.

I see the work as a type of power object containing energy as a talisman of sorts.

I believe I am picking up codes, information, language, from the other side or quantum field. 

As well as tapping into the Jungian collective unconscious. 

Exploring the mystery of what it is to be alive. 

Tapping into that "I don't know space" as fertile ground of creativity. 

Reaching to the vibrational ethers and bringing forth into the material realm. 

So one receives an encounter when they view my work. 

More then on just a cerebral level alone. 

May one's chakras experience a meeting.

That the full self may have an experience when they come across my art.

Hopefully triggering a rendezvous within oneself of liberty.


We are all connected and important.  We live in a pertinent time.  Change is at the fore front.

As individuals our fingerprint is one of a kind and the world would be a sad place if we don’t live in discovery of who we are in each changing moment.


Exploring the, impetus of the art making process, I find makes the most significant art.  This fosters discovery deep within.  I share inspiration, and hope to instill in my viewers, an idea of expansion beyond the idea of who we are to a more quantum self.  I believe art has the ability to transform and be a fun.  Art is something I am, not something I do.