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Absent Gravity
Paintings by Luke Vest
July 5 - August 4, 2024

VEST_Artist Photo.jpeg

Luke Vest's painting process occurs slowly in stages. You will notice the textural quality of his work, owing to the gradual build-up as he considers and dreams about the concept. This also makes his paintings more manageable and authentic. 


"I'm looking for something that catches my eye - patterns, materials, shapes - pitted against each other to create a radiant or hypnotic fascination," he says. "I prefer my work to be slightly off, giving the painting a lively character and a sense of a hand constructing it." 


Luke Vest's exhibition, "Absent Gravity" uses forms and figures in undefined space, while acknowledging the limits of traditional artistic expression. These works explore and reveal the underlying structures and remnants that build up over time, both physically in the paintings and metaphorically in the artist’s imagination.  Vest experiments with space and reaches out beyond the frames. 


"Absent Gravity" offers a sense of hope and potential. It shows that even in moments of exhaustion and limitation, there is room for transformation and new understanding. He seeks to turn feelings of rejection or discomfort into something that can be understood and appreciated. The art suggests that shifts in perception and meaning are always possible, even when they are not fully known or understood.

The reception will be held July 13th from 5 - 9 pm during Second Saturday ArtWalk. The exhibition runs for the month of June.

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